EMATEC M213 ”Baggerlader”

Armoring of a EMATEC M213 cabin

We here present a partial armoring of a Caterpillar wheel loader cabin. This solution meets the protection requirements of DGUV 201-027 and protection class B6 at the front and on the floor.

The sides are weaker protected against fragments and pressure waves hitting from 45°.

In addition to the front and bottom armor listed above according to DGUV, we are installing splinter protection on both sides of the cabin. The opaque areas are protected with armored steel, the steel also meets fire class B6 here, but from an impact angle of 45°, since splinters can only hit here from this angle.

The side windows of the cab are replaced with shatterproof windows made of Makrolon, which are glued into a steel frame and cannot break in the event of pressure waves or penetrate the interior.


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