Shatter protection

Shatter protection solutions for panes according to DIN EN 356

PSV manufactures special vehicles and add-on solutions for the police, the armed forces, authorities and private companies.

A special field of operation are our splinter protection solutions for agricultural, forestry and construction machinery.

Especially when using milling or mowing equipment, but also during winter service, stones can damage the gwindows in the area of ​​use. The PSV-Shield shatterproof glazing withstands this and the machine can continue to be used. Depending on the severity of the impact, there are only small optical markings (see data sheet).


  • Material thickness approx. 9.5mm (P5A)
  • Optional heating possible
  • Formglass also available for complex shapes and sizes


  • DIN EN 356 (impact resistance “A”, impact resistance “B”
    • P5A (impact test 9x a 4.11kg heavy steel ball is dropped onto the disc from a height of 9m)
    • P6B (30-50 ax strokes) ; P7B (51-70 ax strikes); P8B
  • ECE R43, EC 92/22, EC 2009/144

For Fendt tractors of the type 500 and 700 with the Vario Plus front screen we have the following screens available from stock:

– Vario Plus windscreen with heating

– Right Side window with heating

– Heated rear window

Feel free to ask us if you have any other special requirements.

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