Tactical Equipment


Versatile mobile ramp for rapid tactical entry into higher altitude objects.

The AMR18 Assault Multi-Ramp 2018 is a versatile mobile ramp for fast tactical entry into higher altitude objects. Low weight with high payload, easy handling and fast operational readiness characterize the AMR18.

Information and training is available at: https://assaultramp.com/

For more information on AMR18, contact info@psv-shield.de or call +49 4791 96540-0.

Or, log in with your PSV username (Mitgliedsname) and password (Passwort) for more information on AMR18.

  • Can be used singly or together
  • Extremely grippy rubber
  • Protection by Eloxal coating
  • New development
  • Areas of application: Bus, train, balcony, flat roof, garage, windows, bridging in general
  • Adaptable rollers that swing away when loaded
  • Changeable hooks
  • Foot section with level adjustment on inclines
  • Retractable handles
  • Frontal and side use, fast conversion
  • Carrying device for increased carrying
  • Strengthening of the impact effect by rotating arms

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